Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a province in the eastern part of Canada. The population of the province is 135,851, and the area is 5,683.91 square kilometers. Although it is one of the smallest provinces in the country, the population density is the highest among the others. The economy of Prince Edward Island is dominated by agriculture. The agricultural population accounts for more than 60% of the province's total population, holding the highest proportion of agriculture in the country; 90% of the province's area is covered with arable land, which is also the highest in the country. Potatoes are the main agricultural products. At the same time, the province's fishery is also very developed. There are winding coastlines and ports around the island, and the coast is rich in lobster, oysters, scallops and shellfish. Amongst all fish, tuna is especially famous, so Prince Edward Island is also known as the "Tuna Capital". The province has a warm and humid climate, with an average temperature of -7°C in January and 19°C in July.
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1.Commission scolaire de langue française 2.Public Schools Branch

1.Collège de l'Île 2.Holland College

1.University of Prince Edward Island



3.Leisure & Travel
Prince Edward Island is known as the "gentle island". The pace of life here is as leisurely and quiet as the endless mountains. The fresh sea breeze gently caresses your face and brushes through your hair, and its stunning landscape immediately fills your eyes. Its geographic location makes it the seafood kingdom, which means you can’t miss out on its seafood, especially its world's top-tier lobsters. In addition, the Canadian Confederation Bridge is one of the longest sea-crossing bridges in the world today, with a total length of 13,000 meters. The Confederation Center of the Arts is located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. In 1864, a small group of elected officials gathered here to discuss statehood. Built to commemorate this momentous moment in history, the museum showcases some of Canada's finest art. Summer visits must include the Charlottetown Festival, a music and theater festival that has been held since 1965. The Confederation Trail is 270 miles long and is suitable for walking, biking, or snowmobiling. For those who like outdoor sports, the Federal Scenic Trail is a route worth exploring. In addition, more than 1,900 treasure-hunting spots hold exciting challenges.

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CAD 78,000 .00
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